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Adience is an expert
in conducting market research for fintech companies.

We help fintech companies to develop a deeper understanding of their target audience’s needs, wants, and behavior. We use this knowledge to enable fintechs to achieve their business objectives (e.g., market segmentation, brand development).

We work with a wide range of B2B fintech companies.
Our expertise includes
(but is not limited to):

  • Payment
  • Insurtech
  • Lending
  • Blockchain
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth management
  • Accounting/credit assessment

Over the last decade, the team behind Adience has helped a variety of B2B fintech brands to better understand their target audience. We’ve worked with fintechs large and small across the world. This experience has allowed us to develop an approach to fintech research that has three guiding principles.


Internal engagement is critical.

Fintech products and propositions are often complicated. At the beginning of every project, we spend time speaking to internal stakeholders to learn more about their business and objectives. Doing so helps to ensure that our recommendations are relevant to them. It also helps us to gain internal support for the project. After all, in any change management project the more you engage people upfront, the more they are likely to accept your recommendations at the end of the process.


Unlock emotions.

Financial products are critical to the running of a business, but that doesn’t mean that the decision to purchase them is purely rational. Emotions play a big role in the decision in B2B fintech purchasing decisions. When conducting fintech research, we use a variety of techniques to dig beneath superficial statements and identify the emotions that drive decisions.


Find the real decider.

When businesses purchase fintech products, the decision-making process is often led by someone in the finance department. But other individuals often have an influential role in the background. For example, web developers may advise against a payments processing solution if it isn’t seen as being ‘easy to integrate.’ Research projects should try to identify and engage those hidden influencers.

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“True B2B experts. They’ve seen it all before, so know exactly how to solve whatever problem we come to them with. I’d highly recommend them for any B2B project you have in mind. Our clients frequently quote the output as best in class.”

Will Adler, Insight & Carrier Management Executive

I’m hugely impressed by their understanding of complex B2B businesses such as ours. Their professionalism, flexibility and collaborative approach make working together very easy.

Annika Jeppesen, Head of Insights

“Adience are the B2B experts. They are super smart, and really spend the time to understand your business. Their presentations are well-built and make clear recommendations about what strategy to adopt. I definitely recommend working with them!”

Bowen Moody, Co-founder

“Worked really closely with us to design a project that fit our needs, and then demonstrated a really good understanding of our industry, delivering a presentation that told a clear story and was full of lots of fascinating insights.”

Ariela Becker, UX Manager

“I cannot think of anything that I would tell Adience to improve, I just think that they hit the mark in every way throughout this project. I highly recommend them.”

Robin Miller, Associate Director

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