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B2B thought leadership

Adience is an expert in helping B2B organizations to become thought leaders. Through a program of research we can:


Build a map of the reports that currently exist in the market, so that we can identify white space for a new report


Use qualitative or quantitative interviews to identify new insights


Turn these insights into engaging, hard-hitting written content


Collaborate with your partner agencies on a strategy that will maximize reach

The end result? Content that is clear, compelling and helps you to become a thought leader.

The team behind Adience has helped dozens of global business-to-business (B2B) brands with their thought leadership and PR activity. We couple this extensive experience with a deep understanding of B2B content marketing, and how B2B marketers want to consume reports.

Our experience has given us a deep understanding of how to create successful B2B thought leadership. Our approach is guided by 5 principles. These principles guide, but don’t constrain, our approach:


There is a tendency for companies to create reports without giving much thought to whether the topic would be of interest to the target audience. In some instances, the report covers a topic that is just not of instance to readers. In other instances, the topic is of interest but has already been covered by many other reports. There is a lot of value in taking a step back at the beginning of the process to identify a unique and compelling angle. To do so, speak to the target audience to understand their pressures and priorities, and what information they’d be interested in. Then conduct an audit of everything that has already been published to identify which topics have been extensively covered, and which are areas of white space


It can take time to develop that unique and compelling angle. It may feel as if that time has been wasted if all you are going to do is publish one report. Instead, consider developing a series of reports that explore your ‘angle’ from different, but complementary, perspectives. This approach establishes your company as an authority on the theme. It also allows you to build a reputation as a thought leader. Each report adds to your reputation, and each new report benefits from the trust generated by what has come before


The target audience may be happy to just read a report in which you share your organization’s view on the topic. But many readers expect reports with more substance. Specifically, they want a report that provides hard data that can reinforce your viewpoint. To ensure the report is seen as robust, you will need to conduct your own B2B survey, review existing surveys or explore publicly available data


Each person has their own preferences for consuming content. And whether they realize it or not, certain formats are more successful than others at ‘cutting through’ and facilitating action. To maximize the return you get from your investment in thought leadership, you should package the content in a variety of ways: reports, case studies, best practice guides, videos, interactive content, infographics, webinars, sales toolkits


Content marketing is aimed at building your reputation as an authority in a specific topic. One thing that can help with this goal is to develop a separate brand for your content marketing reports, including a branded micro-site that hosts the reports

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